This Week’s DJ


This Friday, November 21st is a Cause for Celebration! Why? Because Ecstatic Dance Berkeley is hosting multi-instrumentalist, composer, and producer Ryan Herr. And to make the night even cooler, this will be Ryan’s last gig in The Bay Area until next April, 2015. So, you won’t want to miss this explosion of talent, as he weaves his mix of live and electronic music – creating a Concert Jam Dance Explosion in our juicy, intimate Studio 12, at The Sawtooth Building.

Ryan has been weaving his mix of live and electronic music for festivals, retreats and events throughout the world for nearly 20 years.

Currently working on his debut solo album, Ryan’s first official remix, Wildlight’s “Oh Love”, went viral online this year earning him an official spot on the Wildlight remix album along side many seasoned EDM producers. Since then he has also made an appearance as a featured artist on The Polish Ambassador’s latest album “Pushing Through the Pavement” collaborating on several tracks on the album. He is currently working on another official remix for Ayla Nereo’s upcoming “Hollowbone” remix album, featuring artists like Random Rab, Kalya Scintilla, Human Experience, Kaminanda and many others.

Keep an ear and an eye out for more music to be released soon! Ryan has a
diverse and dynamic background of musical genres and styles and has been
creating music for yoga, dance, film, and meditation. He focuses much of his
musical attention to the medicinal aspects of music and dance and always
incorporates a heavy dose of improvisation into his live sets.

On top of his solo career he has also been recording, performing and collaborating with artists such as Shaman’s Dream, The Polish Ambassador, Wildlight, Ayla Nereo, SaQi, DJ
Drez, Shiva Rea and Micheline Berry to name a few.

But don’t take our word for it, have a listen for yourself, Click here to listen to Ryan’s Music on his SoundCloud Account


Healing Mosage

And then, our weekly Maestro of Healing – Mo Lohaus (“Mossage”), will have his table set up in our “Harem Space” right outside of the dance, all cozy in the back, where he will work his magic on your muscles and soul.

 Free water fill ups available.

Can’t wait to see you on the dance floor~*

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