This Week’s DJ

This Friday Night, May, 1, 2015, we are super stoked to welcome DJ Lamont back to our
Sonic Playground of Groove. If you were lucky enough to spend the evening with him when he first performed for us, then you know of which we speak! The night was amazingly fun! So, how do we gauge the night’s success? That’s easy, you the dancers tell us through your enthusiasm, and when Lamont was in our house, there was a steady stream of dancers who kept coming out to the front desk and telling us how much you dug him! And we concur wholeheartedly!

Now for some background on this artist of soundscape….

DJ Lamont has been playing with records for 40 years since he was given his first Close N’ Play record player by his mother in 1970. He is now celebrating his 33 1/3 years as a professional DJ and believes that music is not just sounds, tempo, and rhythm: Djing and music are communication. In his own words…

“When I am spinning I achieve moments of clarity and purpose, I become very emotional. I am able to see the possibility of humans to be more then who we are. Spinning music brings me joy and I share that joy though each individual song I select for my guest.”

DJ Lamont produces a weekly radio show called The Fingersnaps Music Salon on community radio KPOO 89.5 San Francisco Wednesdays 12 Midnight to 5:00 am featuring disco, classic dance, The San Francisco Street Inspired House Mix, nujazz & soul music along with commentary and special live in studio guests.

Click here to view a short video which shows the palpable effervescence of the dancers, during one of DJ Lamont’s sets.

Click here for more information on DJ Lamont, links to his music, etc.

In addition to being a professional DJ, Lamont founded Fingersnaps Media Arts in June 2004 as a means to develop and promote educational and entertaining opportunities to individuals and organizations by providing high quality media such as DJ Lessons,and DJ Services based on Mr. Young’s talents and experiences while expressing his entrepreneurship and creative spirit.

Fingersnaps Media Arts is a means of creating community with music being the center of self expression. He has taught over 200 DJ’s in his home music studio and hundreds of youths and adults in after school enrichment programs and community centers.

And finally, some information on Ecstatic Dance Berkeley:

Admission: Sliding Scale – $15 and Up

(All monies received over the $15 will go to The EDB DownTempo Room Campaign:

8:30pm and 11:30pm – Arrive anytime you wish, Dance However You Wish

Discount Passes Available:
5 passes for $60 ($12 a dance)
10 passes for $110 ($11 a dance)
20 passes for $200 ($10 a dance)

In addition to dancing, Ecstatic Dance Berkeley also brings you:

Mo Lohaus’ Mossage, who has his healing table set up in our “Harem Space” right outside of the dance, all cozy in the back, where he will work his magic on your muscles and soul.

And, as always… Free Spring Water fill ups available.

See you on the dance floor Ecstatic Humans …~*


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