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Friday, December 19th, 2014 we’ll be hosting DJ Marka Meeba at Ecstatic Dance Berkeley. What can you expect from this Vinyl Spinning Dynamo? Let’s start with his bio:

“I Feel Love” by Donna Summer was the first record he ever bought when it was released in 1977. Since then, thousands of tracks have spun through his hands and somehow that one set the tone. “My life is a study of the positive effects of dance music” says Mark Metz ~ ‘Marka Meeba’, now the publisher of Conscious Dancer Magazine and director of The Dance First Association.

Dancing to Marka Meeba is like skipping through the decades, taking in the timeless tracks that summed up the Zeitgeist of the moment. “I love to genre-surf and surprise people, it’s all about setting the mood and exchanging energy with the dancefloor.” You’ll touch upon many moods and atmospheres—from slow-and-spiritual to over-the-top energetic—with one thing for sure, wherever this vinyl journey into analog awareness takes you—you’ll never be far from the spirit of that first record—”I Feel Love.”

And finally, What can you expect from an evening reveling in his vinyl love? Here’s Mark’s answer in his own words…

“I am fascinated by the higher vibration, sound quality, and resonant frequencies of vinyl records. I get extremely high mixing vinyl…It’s a moving meditation of handling the turntables and beat matching. The resonant frequencies that are above the audible level of hearing, combined with the grounded bass supplied only by turntables which have a separate ground wire create a vibration in my spinal cord from my feet to my third eye that could best be described as a full body kundalini rush. I am in this ecstatic state of kundalini activation off and on throughout the time I spin records.”

So Ecstatic Human… Are you ready to blast off, have your Kundalini activated and do a few rotations around the galaxy? Grand, then we’ll see you on Friday Night… Tally Ho Dancers~*

Admission: Sliding Scale – $15 and Up

All monies received over the $15 will go to The EDB DownTempo Room Campaign.

8:30pm and 11:30pm – Arrive anytime you wish

Discount Passes Available:
5 passes for $60 ($12 a dance)
10 passes for $110 ($11 a dance)
20 passes for $200 ($10 a dance)

In addition to dancing, Ecstatic Dance Berkeley also brings you:

Mo Lohaus “Mossage”, who now has his healing table set up in our “Harem Space” right outside of the dance, all cozy in the back, where he will work his magic on your muscles and soul.

Free water fill ups available.

See you on the dance floor Ecstatic Humans…~*

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