Greetings Ecstatic Dancers:
Guess What? Ecstatic Dance Berkeley is alive and kickin’ and looking for a new home! That’s right, our lease was Terminated Without Cause by our Landlord at The Sawtooth, so we’re moving on!
We will be posting more on this,  but in the meantime, Jason and I wanted you to know that we’re still wanting to throw Righteous, Ecstatic Dance Parties. We also have a desire to change things up a bit. What say you to a morning dance? Something before work? Perhaps a monthly, or twice monthly affair? How about an outside event or 2 during the ripe summer months? Or a dreamy, new location with a proper sprung dance floor, so we can get down without being done in in the process? There are a world of offerings we haven’t even thought of yet, and that’s why we’re turning to you!
We’d love to hear your suggestions, ideas, desires when it comes to dance! Feel free to email me at: with any comments, locations you might want to share.
And in the meantime, you still have Friday Night Dances to attend; 2 to be exact. There is The Dance located in our old space at The Sawtooth, every Friday Night, 8:30-11:30pm (they’re still deciding on a name) and, there’s Ecstatic Dance Fairfax as well. Jason and I and some of our “crew” showed up there last week after “turning over” our dance to the new space holders and we had a ball. We highly recommend it.
In the meantime, Wishing you all  lots of Hot Fun In The Summertime. Press here to listen to Sly Stone tell us how it’s done…
Much love,
Constance & Jason


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