This Week’s DJ

Geej has been a staple of the Bay Area FreeForm Dance Scene since 1996, playing to diverse crowds and other worldly venues, so he should feel right at home at Ecstatic Dance Berkeley!

Geej is the “Global Tribal Funk” DJ spinning lush, delicious and cosmic-connecting Global, Tribal and Funky anthems. His intention is to play deep, soul-inspiring tracks that send your Hara into eternal, spiral gyrations that remind you of your connection to Body, Mind and Spirit.

Admission: $15

8:30pm and 11:30pm – Arrive anytime you wish

In addition to dancing, Ecstatic Dance Berkeley also brings you:

Mo Lohaus (“Mossage”), who now has his healing table set up in our “Harem Space” right outside of the dance, all cozy in the back, where he will work his magic on your muscles and soul.

Free water fill ups available.

See you on the dance floor Ecstatic Humans…~*



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